Teknocean Aydınlatma

About Us;

Teknocean Lighting started its activities in the second quarter of 2022 with the vision of providing accessibility to the leading products of our country, realizing the most suitable price policy with domestic capital, and providing direct access from production to the end user.

Teknocean Lighting, which is gradually expanding its product range, sees it as its first and most important vision to provide benefits to users, especially on product basis, with both high quality and affordable prices. In addition, Teknocean, which was born as a Turkish brand, adopts as a discipline to implement contemporary and innovative models from a sectoral point of view by following current developments closely and carrying out strong R&D activities in this context.

Our Mission;

Teknocean Lighting, which always reaches the needs of consumers with innovative and functional solutions, has taken the future as its mission and works for an accessible and bright world in this direction.

Our Vision;

To be a reliable and creative brand with a perspective that adapts to many innovations in our field of work and produces solutions, adopts more environmentally friendly models with low energy consumption globally, and aims to realize projects that touch people and the future with their quality and accessibility.